Top 6 Badminton Skills for Beginners

To be great in badminton games, you need to be a master of the basics.

The techniques and skills that you need to learn and master will allow you to play better and improve. It does not take long for anyone to learn badminton. In fact, this is a beginner-friendly sport.

So, what are the basic skills that you need to learn? Let’s go ahead and find out.

Select the Right Racket

Before you can start playing, it is crucial that you know which type of badminton racket you need. When selecting a racket, consider – frame, weight, balance, and strings. For more details, this badminton racket guide for beginners will help you decide which is the best one for you.



No matter which player level you consider yourself, you should know how to do the proper warm-up. It is crucial that you know how to do a full warm-up before playing badminton. This can help you avoid getting any injuries. This is also crucial because this can help you get physically and mentally ready right before the start of the match. Warm-ups don’t have to take that long. A good 15-minutes would be enough. Just do any exercise that gets you moving without overstretching your body.

The Forehand and Backhand Grips

Another thing that you should be practicing would be your basic forehand and backhand grips. Learning these two is a fundamental skill. You should know how to get this right since this will serve as the building block to learning every shot that you make in badminton. Don’t worry, the basic forehand and backhand grip is very easy to learn. In fact, you can do this even when sitting at home watching TV.

The Six Corners Footwork

Once you mastered the forehand and backhand grips, you can proceed with the basic six corners footwork. According to expert players in badminton, you should learn the footwork first before you proceed with learning any racket skills. Mastering this is crucial because your racket skills would be useless if you cannot reach the shuttle because of your poor footwork.

The Ready Stance

The ready stance is also called the ‘split step.’ This is a technique used to get ready for the next shot. This is the basis of good footwork and speed while playing around the court. A good split step will make it easier for you to catch up with your opponent. It is easy but can be tricky at first. You will need to make a slight jump in the air and land with both your feet apart from each other while returning to your base position. This can help you push off quickly for the next shot.

The Seven Shots

Now that you know the footwork and stance, it is time to learn the shots. There are seven shots to make – serve, lift, net shot, block, drop shot, smash, and clear. This is quite a lot to take in if you are a beginner, but these shots cover the majority of what you will have to make in a match. In fact, these are the basics that you can master before you move on to the more advanced shots.

Playing badminton is a very good sport to play, especially if you want to make the majority of your body parts moving. Players love playing this sport because it is easy and can both be played indoors and outdoors. But of course, for professional competitions, badminton can only be done indoors.

Post Author: Ayla Beau