Seven Ways to Improve Spiking

For a volleyball practitioner, it is essential to know the various ways to improve spikes and other techniques required for the sport. In volleyball, just like every other sport, a set of professional training equipment is required for improving the overall playing skill. The Acuspike hitting machine is one of the most prominent tools for volleyball practitioners. It helps the players improve spiking and achieve excellence in the sport.

  • About Volleyball:

Volleyball is a widely known sport that includes various formats such as indoor volleyball, beach volleyball, aquatic volleyball- to name a few. For each format, there are specific rules that every player has to follow. Volleyball has been recognized as one of the most popular sports worldwide over the past decades. The team sport was included in 1964 in Tokyo Summer Olympics whereas beach volleyball got introduced in Atlanta-1996. Today, many players aspire to take up volleyball professionally in the USA and worldwide.

  • Volleyball Spiking Equipment:
  1. Individual Spike Trainer: It is a multi-ball, self-reloading volleyball spike machine. This vertical jump training machine is designed for self-practice.
  2. Individual Volleyball Catcher: It is a standalone machine that catches spiked volleyballs. The players can use this machine in combination with a spike trainer. Usually, volleyball catchers are foldable and lightweight equipment, allowing the players to carry and store the device easily.
  3. Individual Training System Bundle: It is a compact training equipment bundle that can maximize home training. It includes spike trainers, volleyball catchers, volleyballs, coaching memberships, and training videos.
  4. Accessories: Volleyballs, volley mats, and training videos make a complete collection of volleyball training accessories. Some reputed brands such as Acuspike provide the best volleyball training bundles and accessories.
  5. Team Trainer/Space Saver: It is a multi-ball, self-reloading volleyball spike training machine that is designed for team training. Some team trainers provide options for customized colors and height preferences.
  6. Team Volleyball Catcher: It is a standalone machine that catches spiked volleyballs and improves team training. As foldable and lightweight equipment, team volleyball catchers ensure portability.
  7. Stackable Ball Cart: Designed for storing volleyballs, this equipment can make the team training process easier. Ball carts can stack 25-35 volleyballs on an average.
  8. Team Training System Bundle: Like an individual training system bundle, this equipment comes pre-assembled. It enhances team practice.
  • Seven Ways to Improve Spiking:

In volleyball, a spike is considered one of the most offensive weapons to dominate the opponent. Young athletes can improve their spikes by following the seven tips mentioned below.

  1. Wiping the Block: In this training session, the coach holds a flat wooden board above the net. The player should purposely aim to hit the board to improve spiking skills.
  2. Follow Through: The player should aim straight ahead with the spiking arm and allow the ball to go outside of the volleyball court.
  3. Wiping the Block at Home: To practice this at home, the player should mark a spot with chalk about three to four feet above the forehead. Without jumping, the player should practice the arm swing hit the ball into the marked spot. A garage or a vacant room can be an ideal place for this practice.
  4. Four Feet Distance Aim and Hit Practice: The player should aim and hit standing four feet away from the spot so that the ball bounces back to the left side outside of the body. For left-handed players, the ball should bounce back to the right side outside of the body.
  5. Mixing Up Shots: When playing a long rally, the player should mix up different shots and keep the opponent guessing how the next shot is going to be.
  6. Observing Open Spots: When a player is in a back row in defense, the player should plan and think ahead. It is crucial to know where the open spots are on the opposing team’s court.
  7. Owning the Middle of the Opposing Team’s Court: The player should try to aim to put hundreds of roll shots and off-speed shots into the middle of the opposing team’s court.


Volleyball equipment can improve a player’s overall playing skill and prepare the player for the hardest tournaments. Renowned brands such as Acuspike provide some of the latest equipment for volleyball that can help the athletes to take their game to the next level. Also, following the above tips can be beneficial for volleyball athletes of all levels.

Post Author: Ayla Beau