Going To School Isn’t All About Books – It’s About Sports Too.

If you were to speak to any parent in today’s world and you ask them about their educational experience, they will always tell you that when they were young there was far too much emphasis on books and not enough emphasis on engaging children in social activities like sports. We honestly had physical education as a subject but this only lead to about two hours of sporting activities every single week and motor that time was taken up putting on your sports gear at the beginning of the class and then taking it off again and having a shower.

Schools have come on a lot since then and educators realise the importance of only of getting results in the classroom but also getting results outside the classroom as well in a sporting capacity. There are many different competitions for schools to enter and the children were encouraged to take part because they were taken on a premium sports tour to give them an idea of the opportunities that are available within any sport.

Getting your students outside and taking part in Australian sporting tours offers up many benefits and we will cover just a few of them here today.

  • Improved school attendance – If your kids know that their learning experience involves getting outside school and taking part in a number of tours that involves sports then you will find that attendance will go off almost immediately and there will be very few kid’s parents ringing in sick for the children.
  • Better behaved kids – Allowing the kids to enjoy sports travel packages outside school grounds and telling them that they misbehave that everyone is going back to the class to learn more mathematics is an excellent way to motivate kids and to encourage them to become more engaged in their learning.
  • New learning opportunities – There really is no end in sight when it comes to setting up learning outside the classroom because there are so many places to visit both domestically and internationally all around the world. Kids can learn so much more when they get out there into the real world and you as an educator will be providing them with real learning experiences.

It is a fantastic way to make learning and education a healthy pastime because the kids will be out in the sunshine and so they will be getting all of the vitamin D that they need for a strong immune system.

Post Author: Ayla Beau