Coach David Moyes Insists – Declan Rice Is Not Available For ‘Bargain’ £100m

The Scottish player and coach David William Moyes admired midfielder Declan rice. He stated that Rice was worth over £100m, and Manchester United and Chelsea missed a bargain. Rice is the most popular young player of the Premier League.  Since his debut in 2017 for the Hammers, he has shown an excellent performance. He has created an image as the best player of both England and West Ham in the European Championships.

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Over the last few years, Chelsea followed Rice but drew back at the price of £100m, and continued monitoring from afar. Since then, other football clubs like Manchester City and Manchester United started snuffling around the football player, who was in contract with the London Stadium till 2024. Rice has shown an outstanding performance this season for West Ham.

Moyes, he no longer sells Rice for the prize of £100m

According to reports, Rice was prized nearly £100m, but the bargain was not available now. He is the most enthusiastic player who wants to learn, take advice, and get better. As per Moyes, the great thing about Rice is he respects and listens to my words.

Also, Moyes feels Rice has done a lot more and continues going due to his athleticism. He likes to take training every day and hits the pitch with both right and left foot. Rice has everything, which a football player needs. Moreover, he has a good football-playing brain, where he gains knowledge for West Ham. Now, he is learning about how to manage and control the games. He looks to be in control while playing the gain. Due to these reasons, I feel the bargain of £100m on Rice has gone now.

Rice addresses his future

Rice addressed that everyone knows about my feelings about playing under the West Ham manager and with the players. Also, he stated nothing is up and concerning me. Am playing with a smile and leading other players. If I won’t give my 100%, you might have noticed a difference, but my only goal while playing is to give my 100% for the success. Currently, I’m focused on my duties at the London Stadium.

Plus, Rice said, ‘The management told me to go out and do my best, which has given me confidence to do well. Honestly, this is what you can expect from the manager. I’m lucky to get him as the manager, and we both share a close relationship’.

Rice was on the wish list of United and Chelsea to get strength on their side, but Moyes claims that the suitors have to prepare their pockets to break Rice’s sign as he was not available for the price of £100million now.

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Post Author: Ayla Beau