5 Places You Are Likely to Find a Crash Mat

Over the years most of us at some point or other will have used a crash mat, whether that is as part of a gym lesson at school or maybe during some sporting discipline. Crash mats are something that is normally associated with disciplines such as martial arts and gymnastics. Crash mats can also be found being used in a wide variety of other sports including rugby, cricket and athletics whether as a training aid or to ensure an athlete’s safety during competition. Athletes and sports enthusiasts of all levels are well aware that a crash mat is an important tool for safety. They provide cushioning and safety in the event of a fall or other accident. However, crash mats can be found in a lot of other places than on the sports field so for this article we thought we would have a look at some of them.

School Gym

Most schools have gymnasiums where students routinely go to play sports or participate in other physical activities. However, a gymnasium can be a dangerous place if there is not proper safety equipment present. This is where crash mats come in. Crash mats can help to cushion a fall and prevent serious injury. They are often found near trampolines, climbing walls, and other high-risk areas in a gymnasium. They can also be used to help athletes or gymnasts who need to practice landings.

Children’s Play Areas

As well as being lots of fun Children’s play areas can be dangerous places if parents don’t have their wits about them. With things like swings and slides and roundabouts, there is plenty of scope for trips and falls. This is why many playgrounds now feature crash mats as a safety aid to ensure if these falls occur children can land safely. Crash mats also form an integral part of any soft play aimed at allowing younger children and toddlers to play safely.


Falling out of bed is a far more common occurrence than you may think especially when it comes to people who have mobility problems. While for the majority of us getting in and out of bed easily is something we take for granted unfortunately that is not the case for everyone. If you are unstable a fall from bed can be not only painful but extremely dangerous. That is why crash mats can often be found placed around beds to ensure that if the occupant falls they will land safely. A crash mat is specifically designed to absorb the impact of any fall and keep any injury to the absolute minimum.

Martial Arts Dojo

Crash mats can be routinely found being used in martial arts such as karate, judo, Jujitsu and MMA. Crash mats are important in that they allow students of martial arts to perfect their techniques without fear of injury. Things like throws, takedowns and kicks can be practised in complete safety because your dojo has the correct equipment.

Hopefully, we have demonstrated that crash mats can be used in a variety of different scenarios to provide a safe and secure environment whether people are training for a sports event, having fun at playtime or simply in their own home.

Post Author: Ayla Beau